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HSES Spectator Policy 2021-2022 (PSAL)

The High School for Environmental Studies (HSES) is NOT allowing any spectators from visiting teams. This includes parents. No HSES scholars will be allowed to attend home games.


Please be sure to share this information with parents/guardians, staff, and students.

● All Visiting Teams must be accompanied by a coach in order to be admitted into the building. Any team members who arrive early, or unaccompanied by a coach will be asked to wait outside the building or in the lobby, at the discretion of the School Safety Agent.

● Upon arrival coaches will sign in at the main desk and submit a copy of their current team roster that includes managers/scorekeepers who are in attendance to School Safety at the main entrance. Teams will be granted locker room/bathroom access 30 minutes before games to change.

● Only coaches, team members, and managers listed on the PSAL website from the visiting team will be admitted into the gymnasium/cafeteria/classroom. Coaches, players, and officials cannot bring siblings, children, or other family members to the games or facilities as they will not be granted access to the facility.

● All visiting coaches must bring a working AED and First Aid Kit.

● All visiting coaches are responsible for the condition in which their teams leave HSES locker rooms. HSES is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. Coaches should be the first in and last out of locker room facilities. Coaches are responsible for escorting the entire time when exiting the building.

● All visitors must have a valid ID.

● All visitors for athletic events must provide valid proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter the building and must also complete the DOE daily health screening questionnaire.

● All individuals present at games must wear masks while they are in the gym and be seated 3 feet apart.

If this rule is broken, the spectator will be removed from the gym and no longer be allowed to attend athletic events for the rest of the season.



Torey Williams  (

High School for Environmental Studies-Athletic Director

  • ボーイズサッカー

  • ガールズサッカー

  • ガールズソフトボール

  • ボーイズハンドボール

  • ガールズハンドボール

  • ガールズバレーボール

  • ボーイズバレーボール

  • ボーイズバスケットボール

  • ガールズバスケットボール

  • ガールズテニス

  • ボーイズテニス

  • ボーイズ野球

  • ボーイズクロスカントリー

  • ガールズクロスカントリー


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